Selected writings of Professor Puran Singh (Shipped Only to USA)

Selected writings of Professor Puran Singh (Shipped Only to USA)

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Professor Puran Singh (1881-1931) was a scientist, a poet, a mystic, an aesthete, a thinker and so much more. He drunk deep from the source fountain of verse and celebrated every word uttered by the Gurus. Languages were a mere tool in the hands of this prolific writer. He molded words in the manner he fancied. Phrases, idioms, metaphors and similes came rushing to him. And every word he wrote was Guru-inspired.

An enormous amount of work flowed from his pen. His writings combine the “romance” and the literature of religious experiences, along with the wit, the sarcasm, the brilliance and the political astuteness of a well-read man.

His opening essay reveals his Source-Fountain, and he writes, “Guru Granth of the Sikhs is the most authentic account of the Guru’s soul…. and when the modern men would need a love-cure, here in Guru Granth, will be found the nectar of Nam and its effectiveness.” From there, we travel to his thoughts on The Khalsa, “The constitution of the Khalsa was thus built on the heart-shrines of humanity inspired with love of God, on the God-consciousness of Disciples, not on law-books.”

This collection would be incomplete, without a sampling of his verses. Nay, these are not mere verses. These are his reflections, his meditations. For, they contain the music he hears as the winds rustle through the pines, touching with their breath the sun and the moon. His inner ecstasy flows with abandon. No veils, no barriers hinder this flow. Nay, these are not mere verse, these are his songs of worship.

These writings provide you glimpses of Puran Singh’s views on faith, life, love and politics.