Prit Vina (Shipped only in USA)

Prit Vina (Shipped only in USA)

**This product is available for shipping only in USA**

‘Love Harp’ poem is an ungraspable and angelic light dancing in inexpressible aesthetical dance form, in which two lovers pain of ‘separation-pang’ and ‘joyous union’ is being sung. This fragile, playful poem is like a dream of constant beautiful love-joy, in which a myriad of vibrations are resounding within the depths of the spirit.
To recite this poem may there be that lake, that night, some clouds; that love-melody of inaccessible hearts. And if not on the earth, then on dreamy sky, a door to the inside cave opens and someone enters and goes across far, becoming some fragrant joy.
- Puran Singh


About the Translators
Inni Kaur is a prolific and passionate story-teller and mystical poet who resides in Connecticut. To Inni, every single day is a celebration. Her writings are inspired by that very outlook on life, as well as Sikh and Sufi thought. While she writes anytime the spirit moves her to, she also thoroughly enjoys watching the clouds pass her by, taking long mindful walks to appreciate nature’s innate beauty, and painting abstract artwork.

Harinder Singh is a widely respected activist- educator who is deeply in love with 1Force, the Oneness that radiates in all. He is Guru’s Sikh, Panjab’s lover and Begampura’s Jedi. While he connects with the ‘Land of Five Rivers’ via Panjabi poetry, his romance with Sikhi dreams next movement in the Sikh Revolution.


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