Thank You, Vahiguru

“Mommy, can I hold my baby sister,” begins this loving, reassuring look at siblinghood from trusted author Inni Kaur. Told through the eyes of a mother, this simple bilingual story lays out all the good things about being an older sibling, and reminds new siblings that they are just as special as ever. The readers are also introduced to the Sikh naming ceremony.  

Like your sister…
Your eyes were also closed
Your fingers were also curled
Your cheeks were also puffy
Your toes were also tiny.

Thank You, Vahiguru’s comforting words and warm illustrations, will give the reader a glimpse into Sikh family life and culture. The Panjabi within these pages is a fun way to teach children to read the Gurmukhi script.

A bilingual book for children of all ages.


      • Inni Kaur’s new book, “Thank You, Vahiguru” is very different in its purpose and flavor from her previous ‘Journey With The Gurus’ series.

      • Thank You, Vahiguru’ is a children's book with a very important message.

      • Akal’s story reminded me of what happened in my own family.

About the author

Inni Kaur is a story-teller and a poet. She is the author of the series Journey with the Gurus, and several other Sikhi centered books. When she is not writing, Inni Kaur enjoys painting and taking long walks in her hometown of Fairfield, Connecticut.