Sikh & Abortion: Report - Raw Data

Sikh & Abortion: Report - Raw Data

Raw Data

In the past few years, more and more US states placed restrictions on abortion practices and the issue has been dominating news headlines ever since. 

Today, Sikh Research Institute releases its fifth installment in the State of the Panth research series, Sikhi & Abortion, dedicated to uncovering the Sikh perspective grounded in Bani, Tavarikh, and Rahit

Additionally, we have conducted an extensive survey of 1,277 self-identified Sikhs from 28 countries to present the perspective of the Panth, and how it differs from Gurmat. 

We invite you to take a look at the report and our findings. Some might genuinely surprise you. For example, although Gurmat considers the act of consensual conception to be a Divine act, the majority of respondents (57.8%) believed life begins at some time after conception.